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Camel Club - End of Year Shizzle

Dave, Benson and I. Woo.
Rob, Dave, N Benson [ barely]
The girlies.
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Well, the drama course has ended for this year, and so here it is, Huddersfield, and well, the drama crew are out n havin a good en. I was St Slaugtered, having got myself reasonably on my way at a pub in Hudd with Phil, Ben, and Anhony pritch. Then came the shizzle, camel, and after spending the minimum amount of mooney that I had, it was down to doin what some girl told me was called nightcapping or sumthin in london, or mind nabbin, basicaly stealing drinks, and to the best of my ability, I did. only, when checking my camera which I brought wit me for the last nite the next morining, I discovered just how loud and probably annoying I can be, walking into the takeaway nextdoor, and hosting my own mtv on camera, poinitng in faces, hitting on girls etc.. The pics are of the crew, the night was awesome, benson - you went home early, if you didn't get laid, you failed. But, one thing I have learnt this year, is that women are like butterflies, the more you chase them, the more they fly away, Im proud of my year, because the shows I did went well, and all my problems faced during the year were dealt with, because I persivered and realised that man, I should never question my own ability. There is lots of talent at hud, and Im part of that. Now I feel more acomplished then I have done for a long time, do not be defeated by obstacles, take them in your stride and beat them. Anyhow, on a cooler note - CAMELLLLLLLLLLLLL!

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Rules Photos - The latest

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Anti Heroics

To follow in the shadows,
Ambition is greed
Rules are on this page
Now we are planting a seed
Promotion, is the key
To self devotion
If Gene Simmons wasn't greedy
Kiss would be some body lotion
Not a bigger marketing product,
Making millions every day
If Peter Kay was wise
He'd join up with Special Kay
He'd have a new tagline
You, see, more work more pay.
Freddy d, thats the durst to me and you
You'd think he was a crappy rapper
That didn't have a clue
But he sells it with his gimmick, merchandise
For all to see
Limp Bizkit is a product
That provides for his family.
Now Shane, sees the wealth owned by his daddy
He wants part of the buisness, and thinks ''this could be me''
Learns the tricks of the trade and starts out being a referee
He progresses being a character, now here comes the money!

The anti hereos, some would say
Vine Mcmahon created Wrestlemania
Two words in one made his day
Changed his life forever
Made him a legacy
Now one wants to cross him
He turns predators into prey
Look at Bret Hart
He thought he'd disobey
the boss
He did it at a price
He got screwed and paid the cost
But hats off to the hitman
He had the money to do so
He was no longer a smuck
Like Danny Laruso
He was in a posistion say - Fuck you Vince
WCW wana pay me more
Im living like a prince
I guess this rap is about, the cost of living
People alway's taking, people always giving
People selling out for the right or wrong cause

Rules Number 1 - Pay the cost to be the boss.

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Rules - Centre Stage

Rules - Chris and John
Jamming the rules way
Rules Rockin like no others
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I heard Farrington dissed me
But why should I care?
That guy's about as real
As Tony Blair
Like alot of people I know
He speaks before he thinks
Trying to offer me advice
Cos his own life stinks
I beat you in every way
Yet you alway's come back
Your like Sir Alex
Refusing to get the sack
I admire your effort
But you can no longer patronise you see
People that do that are jealous
Because they want to be me.
Say I'm over cocky
Because I beleive in what I do
I stand out in the crowd
Because of losers like you.
You people have to face it,
I have more wit
Ive observed ive read and listened
I write my own scripts.
Some say that what I say
It's like it goes to my head
Girls that say that
Only want me in their bed!
You say i'm paranoid and I sound fixated
Ladies who tell me this
Are sexually frustrated.
I know I'm good looking
My parents are too
I guess I got lucky
It could have been you.
But it wasn't, so don't try to take it out on me
If I wasn't of interest, why you wana diss me?
Your scared, making me feel inferior
But now the truth is out
I'm your fucking superior.
I have the slogans, the looks the talent and the drive
Call me aslong as you want
Because I'm still alive
And aslong as I'm breathing
And I'm talked about on every page
You know it will alway's be me taking centre stage!

p.s. - atleast you gave it a go.
Rules - Centre Stage- ..............

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